New Asian Prototype

Hello! I am so in LOVE with this new Asian baby girl!! She is the new kit sculpted by Ping Lau. I hope you enjoy her pics. Hugs, Chelle.

Thank you all so much. I think Ping Lau only sculpted the head. I’m not sure who sculpted the limbs. Bloomers n Bows uses the same limbs for most of their sculpts. They are very reallistic though. Hugs, Chelle.

Don’t you just love those cheeks? How adorable. I love her little panda onsie and diaper.

OMG! She is adorable! When will she be available as a kit?

Honestly though I can so see this baby with darker skin and dress up as an American Indian in one of Kay’s custom outfits!

Thank you all so much!! She would definitely make a cute little Indian baby, too. Hugs, Chelle.

Thank you all so much!! Hugs, Chelle.