New Amazing Alma Prototype on eBay! reborn by Elena Matterna

Hello Friends!

We have some major cuteness to share with you! This stunning Alma prototype was reborn by Elena Matterna. Thank you, Elena, for reborning Alma so beautifully! Elena reborned him to resemble her own son, George. So much love went into reborning this gorgeous baby! His auction is one to watch. You can view his auction here:

Alma’s kit is about 19 inches long when completed and has full limbs. You can sign up to be notified of Alma’s release here:

Happy Holidays!

Bountiful Baby


Boy, the workmanship on this one is AMAZING!!

Oh wow I really really love this baby.

@bbsupport, @bountifulbaby
Does Alma take a modified (cut) pacifier?


She is gorgeous! She will sell this sculpt for sure!

WOW! One of the most realistic EVER! :heart_eyes:

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Yes!!! What an inspiration!!!

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