Neutratizing video added!

I was lucky enough to marry a truly wonderful Husband who helped me with a video to go along with the neutralizing thread -enjoy !!!

just click on the pic to download
it is high quality and takes a min to buffer

That will be nice, I liked the color of your vinyl after you finished

excellent video !! thanks

So glad ya liked it … I did many of these when I was teaching my midwifery school and though WHY NOT ???( they were not on painting babies -but various skills ) LOL

I loved it Cher, you are a great teacher! I hope there will be more.

Thanks so much Janie !!! I do feel it is my gift !!!
I will be doing more as I go along and maybe folks can let me know what they would like to see in various classes/Tuts–As well as what they liked and didnt like so I can improve on them !!!