Need kit advice

This is a picture of my brother who passed away towards months after this picture was taken due to his babysitter from child abuse it was on july 26,2003 so it Has been a while and my grandmother Has asked me to make a memorial baby I’m thinking stinker but not sure I’m open to any kits bb or not thanks for the help
Sorry picture is alittle blurry its the only picture i have left my dad Has the others … 233555.jpg … 233546.jpg

Hi Crystal,

I am so sorry to hear of this, my deepest sympathies to you and your family.

Are you open to smaller kits? I was thinking baby sized would be nice to hold or did you want a bigger sized doll to be around his size here?

Crystal, I am soooo, so sorry about your brother.

I stink at trying to match sculpts to real people, but I am sure someone here will
have some good ideas for you, sweetie.



I’m so sorry that happened to your family…

I can’t think of a sculpt that comes to mind, unless as you said, Stinker, with that same grin.

What a darling little boy - and such a tragedy.
It never ceases to amaze me how horrid people can be to children but I think that makes the photo even more precious - his smile is so big and that is way to remember him!

I’m going to look around and see if there are any other sculpts besides the Stinker that might work!

My sincerest sympathy to you & your family.

Your grandmother will see him in whatever sculpt you choose, the love will show through and so will he! Kathi

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I am so sorry for the loss of your brother I hope that baby sitter is in jail.
silly goose by secrist?

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I think Silly Goose is perfect! I don’t like Stinker… something weird about the eyes - too far apart or something.


Silly goose is the absolutely perfect match. It captures the feeling of the boy in the picture. I do not like stinker. Silly goose is perfect with the sweet happy silly face

I am so sorry for your loss. I totally agree with Silly Goose. I know your grandmother will love this baby when he is finished. I knew a lady years ago who lost her 2 yr old son from cancer and had a doll made with one of his outfits on.

Sorry for both of your losses. We lost my cousin’s daughter at 34 a few weeks ago. She was my baby too. Seeing her baby pictures that her mom posted made the pain lessen some. Definitely do a happy baby, it is surprising how much the good memories help.

Crystal your grandmother will love Silly Goose and will feel the happiness and love that that adorable little face shines out. And 22" is so much more cuddly than Stinker.

If you consider doing a younger doll, would you consider Stormy? Big sweet smile, and this might also be a good choice.

Wow i haven’t had time to check this and an greatful to u all all the advice seems like good kit choices I’m going to show them to my grandmother this week and let her pick as for the babysitter he is serving a 22 to 25 year sentence so some justice Has been served but not for my son in away he was my sons father i was pregnant with him and we we’re no longer together he watched him that day. I well forever be greatful to my brother he probably saved my sons life but my son now Has to forever live with knowing what his father did

Horrible for your son. Just keep letting him know that he is loved and that just because that is his biological father, your son is not that type of person and is loved for himself and that he can make better life choices.