Need a Sculpt Match.....Help!

Hi ladies, My mom sent a photo of me as a baby and wants a reborn done to match…My mind is totally blank on this one…I know, I know… it is black and white…they probably had not invented colour photos back when I was born…hahahahahahaha! (I’m 54 now so that was a loooooooonnnnnnngggggg time ago)… If you can think of any, it would be much appreciated…


Wow, Thanks Kristi…you are amazing…I think that will work great…Hope I can find her…That’s the Laura kit by Laura Tuzio Ross, right?

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Wow Kristi!!! You are sooooo good at this! And awwwww Starr!!! Adorable!':baby:t3:

No hope of getting this one, but she looks like Joanna’s new Chanel silicone kit. Oh, how I wish she had made this one into vinyl. :sob:

I was going to say Ellie Brown, but she is silicone and near impossible to get. :unamused:

Creative Impressions has Laura :grinning:

Laura carries them, too.

I thought Sharlamae by bonnie brown …but I think she’s sold out anyway.


I thought Sharlamae, too!

Where can I buy a Sharlamae?

Only second hand and she’s pretty rare and expensive as she’s long sold out. Maybe you could post a wanted ad here. Couldn’t hurt.

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Thanks Izzy! U rock!:kiss:

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I thought Sharlamae as well.

Heehee, thanks Nikki…Been away for 5 days so just back home this evening…

Thanks so much ladies…really appreciate the help…
I did Sharlamae several times but never really thought about her looking like me as a bubs but I can see it might would work…here is one I did back in 2012 or 2013 (can’t remember when exactly)… Might go with the Laura though as I can still get the sculpt and I haven’t ever done that one before…Thanks again though for taking the time to help…
Very appreciated!