Naomi, by Denise Pratt, Prototype on eBay Now!

Hi Everyone!

Naomi is a new, LIMITED EDITION, sculpt by Denise Pratt! This beautiful Prototype, by Jacqueline Kramer, is available on eBay NOW!

Thank you,
Emily, Media Manager
Bountiful Baby


How many babies will be in the edition? Does she have new limbs or are they shared with the other Pratt 20 inch babies?

Looks a bit like Grant. Cute.


Aww she’s really cute!

She’s adorable x

She’s precious! And as always Jaqueline has done a beautiful job on her.

Does anyone know how big this one is and whether the limbs are full or not? Would also be great to know when it’s going to be released?

Love her!

Hey, everyone!

Naomi will have full limbs. These are new limbs, they are not the same as Denise’s previous kits. She will be about 19-20" in length.

The edition size has not been decided yet. We will let everyone know when the decision is made. We are not 100% sure on the release date yet, but our best guess would be later in December.

I hope this helps answer your questions! :smile: