Naked? Santa?

If you’re doing the Santa kit, please tell me what you plan to do when it comes to dressing him. I’m making him as a Christmas gift and hate to send him out naked.

Karen, given the fact the he will be about the size of Tibby, you might have to have an outfit made. Or maybe a costume from somewhere.

I am so disappointed in his size I decided not to order them.

— Begin quote from “Windeec”

When I thought the kit was going to be Tibby sized (meaning head and limbs, not just overall length) I had BIG plans for Santa! I wanted to step out of the ordinary, so I bought a red union suit, trap door and all for beddy-bye time, I made two felt hot chocolate mugs with marshmallows for Mr. and Mrs., a pair of red plaid pants, green suspenders, and for after the gift deliveries and to enjoy all the football games, I even made Santa a nice, tall frosty mug of beer! Oh, the plans I had… The other accessories for the both, like fun hats, would have been perfect for real biggies, but with this existing sculpt, the hats cover the whole head!

I envy those who can sew, because Santa’s and Mrs. clothing, IMHO, will require custom made traditional clothing, versus “off the rack”.

But I am so very anxious to see what others are doing with them! I was hoping to have an up-date from MadeWithLily’sLove by now! Ladies, please be kind, show and tell! Thanks!

— End quote

Really cute ideas! I’m thinking if he’s as big as Tibby but with a newborn sized head I might just go with a different plan…this guy is one I’ll have to SEE before buying the kit.

I’m not planning on buying them but I would think that you could get an outfit at Christmas when they put out the baby costumes. Not sure of the size of the body, if it would be too wide. Having someone make costumes for them would be great for a lot of people. Sounds like you have big plans for setting up the whole scene…but you forgot the glass of milk too…or at least a dirty glass from it…I’m sure I can find one of those for you! The costume is a little harder!