My Teagan has a newborn head now for sure!

I worked on Teagan all morning, then stuck her in the oven so the cat wouldnt mess with it. We got home and I started working on a cake ( I have a bakery )…needless to say I preheated to 350, and kept working…I then smelled rubber and knew…I got her out and her head was caved all the way in…I started using a popsicle stick to push it back out and it worked, but she looks a little lumpy…

Oh, my!! I hope you will be able to salvage it.

Stuff her head with paper towels, wash cloths or the like, heat her head up, then take it out and plunge it in ice water to reshape

now the cost of that advice is one chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, delivered

Wow, since it looks newborn, then maybe it was a good mistake : )

Then you would have to change her name from Teagan to Serendipity.

I think I have her straightened as much as I can. PM your address and I will bake ya that cake and mail it(as long as I check the oven before I preheat it this time) I was so excited to be getting her finished too lol. I cant get her lips right, and now they look a little splotchy from baking all that time.

Nice Save !!! Where are you located, maybe I’ll come pick up the cake!!

Im in VA . heres some of my cakes, take your pic lol… … 1008812952#!/photo.php?fbid=1775029488054&set=a.1446152626338.2061326.1008812952&type=1&theater

Wow thats awesome, I really could drive down and pick it up. LOVE the green sneaker~So COOL!!

Hi, it looks like a great save to me. The lumpy spots just look like soft spots to me. I think you have something going there. Your cakes are really great.

Nice cake! You made that yourself??? That’s really neat! Bet you hate to cut into it.

yes, I make cakes now. I get to be a stay at home mom since my husband is deployed and I make extra money doing cakes and catering. That shoe is one of my favs, but I have done about anything you can think of