My swap baby! Lots of pics!

o, i just love her and her little tutu…

congrats you got a precious baby!

what a beautiful baby what sculpt is she ???

So glad you liked her Sarah! I was sweating bullets here hoping she’d please you. Your birth certificate and picture album is coming separately. Let me know what you name her!

Awww what a gorgeous little girl!! Wow, you must be over the moon with her!
Gerry, you did a wonderful job on her!! She’s precious!!

Awe, she is beautiful!

She is adorable! Congratulations!

I love the name Grace and it suits her nicely. So glad you like her!

She is real cute. What kit is it? I dont remember seeing this one before.

She is so cute. Is that Julian by Rolanda Heimer?

Yes, it’s Julian by Heimer. He/she’s cute as either boy or girl!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Grace is such a cutie!!!

Congratulations!! Grace is beautiful! Good choice of name also.


Congratulations! She is Beautiful!