My socks are too small

I am off work today and am experimenting on some Angle tree gifts. I have beruenger parts and was going to use socks to make bodies. I am sewing the clothes so they can not be taken off. Anyway I found our real fast my socks are too small. I had to go to hubbys sock drawer and pull out the pair that needed to be replaced. I sure was not going to screw up a good pair. I get the kinks worked out I will buy some new ones for this. Geesh I wear xl in little girls socks those are not big enough for this project. I usually use sock that elastic is worn out in or that have holes to clean with. They make great rags to polish stgainless steel or windshileds and windows. Also just the right size to wear on my hands to dust with. Sorry I just needed to vent. I hagte trying to do something and it fails miserabilly.

I also use white ones on my hands when they are dry. I put vicks on my hands and tghen white socks and leave on over night. They feel much better the next morning.

Our pediatrician swore by Crisco for dry skin! It really really works, but you have to get over the fact that you are spreading the stuff you fry chicken in on your body parts! LOL Thank goodness my hands have never gotten so dry to do it, my daughter’s hands though do. My feet are the dry problems. Slather the Crisco over the whole foot, then put on the old socks and and then another pair to keep it from leaching out onto the sheets. It would only need to be done twice a week to keep my heels from splitting etc.
I, like you Deb, feel so frustrated when I can’t accomplish a project I could throw it through a wall! Spent an entire week trying to do a fairy body and outfit and all I have to show for it is ravelings of the nice taffeta and a large heap of doe suede that is unusable!