My new assistant this morning!


I had a little helper this morning. Cubby really got into the doll making…until she got kicked out for trying to bite Caleb’s ear!


Lol that’s to cute


CUTE!! I have one with my marmoset monkey checking out the new baby, then she tried to bite it’s ear too!!


Oh how cute is that?
I have a LOT of help also most of the time. Our litter of kittens born during the 3/15 tornados have not found homes yet So my other two cats have moved out and Meow and the 3 kittens have taken over. The kittens are in that "junior high"age of gangly, curious and exploring everything. They especially love the cos sponges. LOL
I imagine your ferret is a hoot to have around and to watch.


That’s a cute ferret!!


Danielle, my 14 year old asked if you would post a pic of your marmoset monkey, please? She loves animals.


I will try my best!! I stink at picture posting, however I am Danielle Griffin Etheridge on facebook if you want to check it there you may have to scroll a little but I do have pics on there!!