My Asher Awake (now Autumn)


This is the doll I have been working on for like 5 weeks now (I reborn slowly).
This is meant to look somewhat like my daughter
Her name is “Autumn” which was on the baby name list for my daughter but ended up in 2nd place and so wasn’t choose.

I am thinking of changing her eyelashes to blonde because the light brown doesn’t match her hair color like I had anticipated (and the glue is a little on the eyes, so I was gonna reglue them anyway)


So sweet! :heart: Such big eyes!


Great job!! She’s a cutie!


Beautiful baby and little girl! Welcome to the slow reborning club :wink: I take a month to finish and I work many hours a day!


That is by far the cutest Asher Awake I have ever seen - just darling! <3



My blond son’s eyelashes are dark


One of the cutest Asher’s I’ve seen! Love her big eyes.


Her big beautiful Eyes good job I wouldn’t change a thing :slight_smile:


Love her, she is so sweet.


She’s so cute!!!


Great Job! This kit is hard to make look nice because of the eye’s but you made her look beautiful. I love the undertones and blushing in her face.


Omg!!! Thank you SOOOO much!!! That is a super compliment


I like the Kit’s big old wide eyes! (But I like sleepy, half closed eyes too)


She is absolutely adorable, You might have been a little slow but she is worth it, Amazing Job!!!