My 3 month Joseph


He’s coming along nicely. Artist: Mandy Hannon

Exciting journey ahead of him🍼


Amazing!!! Does she make customs?


Awww so sweet!! Very exciting


You can reach her on Facebook. Search Mandy Hannon. Profile pic of 2 kids hugging.


He looks so lovely!


Reach her quickly if you want a chance at getting a custom. People have irritated her and she is becoming like me- not wanting to take them. :grin:


I don’t have a facebook :frowning: I don’t want to irritate her at the slightest. I’m kinda picky. Lol I know how annoying that can be. It’d be nice but I’m sure she’d run the other way. :joy:


Baby boy



I think this is my favorite Joseph so far :heart:




Thank you ladies. :purple_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:


Does the belly plate just tie around the back or does it go all the way around?


No ties though I’m sure you could drill tiny holes which could tie on back.


Oh so it’s a full back and tummy?


Just the belly


She’s doing beautiful work! I would gladly make someone a custom Joseph! Just ordered the kit. I was worried about him being too big, but I’m assuming he’s just a little larger than Libby?


WAY bigger. His head is probably the size of yours. Lol You will hardly be able to hold his chunky thigh, which broke my drying rack btw. :grin:


Now I’m scared!!! :scream:


I had use two different racks and I had to bend one to accommodate his big ole thigh and put the other one a bottle (syrup for my coffee…kinda looks like a booze bottle) :rofl: