Mohair dilemma


I bought some mohair and when I got it in, it wasn’t at all what I expected. Has anyone ever received mohair in this state and if so, what did you do with it?? I tried pulling out a small piece and combing it. 3/4 of it came out in the comb. What was left in my hand was really frayed on the ends. This is supposed to be some of the best mohair but maybe not for reborning? Lol.
It’s fine angora mohair I believe.


It doesn’t look very nice, unfortunately. It took me awhile to find mohair that I like, i buy mine from a couple different places now but certainly all mohair is not equal and Ive wasted my money on quite a few bad batches.
Where did you buy it?


I bought it off Etsy. I seen a baby on the forum rooted with this mohair so I looked up the seller and read her reviews. She had 100% positive feedback so I felt confident buying it.
I’ve only bought Ruby Red so I don’t know much about mohair. But this doesn’t look right to me either. I rooted a little on Olivia’s baby and it’s horrible. :disappointed:
I’m looking for soft, silky, straight, mohair. It can’t be this hard to find some good one? Lol.
I’m not a mohair fan at all.



Try here rooted my Ethon with her fine adult mohair, its one of my favourites for babies now…I like it even more than HP babylocks. What I used was the soft wave but it comes out more straight anyway.


That’s exactly what I’m looking for!!! Ty so much!!


No problem :slight_smile:

Her hair sells out quickly but she posts new, typically, every Friday or Saturday.


Yeah I just looked and the colors I’d like are all sold out. I need some hair to finish my Tink!
I wish I could use what I have. I can’t risk ruining that kit though. Especially since she’s already sold.


HP Babylocks is also good, they sell it here on BB.


Someone else told me this evening it was good. I may try it. Ty for your help!


That looks like roving mohair. Its not good for rooting. Sadlt


Look up Sarah silk on Facebook. Her silk effex mohair is very nice


Rooting is way too much work and time to do it for a person to use less than what they want in mohair. I wouldn’t use it and chance ruining the doll. I do think I would ask about returning it. I am not sure if that is even possible, but I think I would ask. Unless it says no returns at all. :slight_smile:


Beautiful work, @Lil.


This is for spinning. Not right mohair for dolls.


Thank you :blush:


Anyone want to buy some mohair for spinning? Or for alternative dolls?


It ie the same mohair I bought for my first time rooting.
I think it’s ok for other types of dolls, but not reborns. For spinning maybe. Some of it is nice and soft, some is dry and broke easily.

There’s my first reborn rooted with it.


Olivia decided she wanted painted her on her baby so I painted hair. Then she decided she wanted some real hair too. So I put some of the mohair. Thank god she only wanted a little on top because this is the outcome. Lol. It is like fried hair. It doesn’t lay flat at all. It is a pretty color though and worked fine for the eyebrows. I bought blonde, dark brown and medium brown. I have 3 oz of this stuff! Lol.


@Lil BTW, Congrats on your Ethan sale. He is gorgeous!