Mod Podge question

Does anybody know how well Mod Podge holds up as a decoupage sealer in a very humid climate like Hawaii?

Are you going to Hawaii :neutral_face: I wanna go if it’s the baby get a big box for us :wink:

It should be fine as that was one of the first glues to use for that purpose and is still used today. It seems to stand the test of time.

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I’m not going. My sister and my nephew live there. I made a special ornament for my nephew and I really don’t want it to come apart.

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Can I come to Hawaii? Is there room in the box for me??

What is Mod Podge used for in the reborn community??

I use it on the moist parts: lips, nails, nostrils and ears.


@maitreasuredbabies, I bet you know this answer!

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I decoupaged a picture of my nephew Danny as a newborn and my brother in law, Tom, with both of them lying on the the bed asleep with Tom’s arm around the baby. Tom passed away 3 years ago. Danny is an adult now but he really misses his dad. I wanted this to represent that his dad’s arm will always be around him.