Mini- Tutorials? Everyone do a little one?

How would everyone feel about doing a mini-tutorial?? We could all do something little- and all of us have techniques we could learn from. Maybe set a date and post by- some ideas could be…
How you mix your foundation or other layers
How you make your pacis
Types of glue for different steps and your favorites
Type of needles you like for different types of hair or age of baby
How you do the nails
How you box up your baby for your customers
Photo shoot ideas
How you weigh your babies/Alternatives to plugs etc.
Easy ways to set eyes/lashes
Eyebrow tips
using prisma pencils
How to open nostrils ( Ithink I might do this one) with dremel or wooden skewers

I well join in and do one on scratches

Yah…doesn’t have to be anything difficult. One lady had sample paci that she used on all babies so magnets all went same way…I was like duh! A simple tip that saves LOTS time and having to make more pacis at sale time.

I can do one on how I make my magnetic pacis.

Great idea, Kristi!


Good idea! I am not sure what I will do mine on yet… hmm…

I did a tutu one a long time ago but if I can help someone do something I am in.

Before reading this, I just went and bumped the tutorial that I did on applying lashes. I can add that. I also did one here on baby pimples.

Great ideas!!

Sounds like fun to me. Even if more than one person does the same topic it will be interesting to see if they use different techniques. I’ll have to think about what to do one on since I use air dry paints but I’ll come up with something!

Yes- I did mine for opening nose I think go ahead and do yours

If you can tie a knot, you can make a tutu. Just gather your things and begin. This is the list of things you will need; Some organza or net, be generous in amount, remember this is the tutu and the fuller the prettier; something for waistline band ,this can be elastic cut a tiny bit larger than waist and overlapped (sew by hand or machine to form a circle); or a wide ribbon, be sure if you use ribbon allow enough extra to tie a pretty bow. Last you need something to put it on to hold while you work, (I have a large coffee can a friend gave me when she emptied it. I have mine filled with some nice clean rocks I ran thru my dish washer, so it does not move. Step 1: Decide on the color and type of material you want it made of. Step 2: Lay your material out and cut you it into 6 inch wide strips. You can buy organza from some craft stores on a spool already this size. Step 3: Decide how long you want your tutu to be and double the length and I add an inch, consider the knot. For example; if I want my tutu to be 5 inches long finished project I cut my pieces 11 inches long. Step 4: Attach the waistband to my coffee can. Either tie the ribbon or slide the elastic over the top. I find it easier to start on the piece that is over the handle area of the coffee can, The indention of the can naturally allows for work space. The waist band can be rotated as you fill the void in the band. Step 5: pick up your material and slide it onto the waist band either from under or over. Some people go under to up and vice versa, which ever you find more comfortable. Pull gently until you are in the middle of your piece then just tie a knot like you tie your shoe. Pick up your next piece and repeat. It is that simple. A little practice helps. Completely fill your waist band. Step 6: If you used elastic and you wish to add a bow now is the time to do that, or decorate it in any way your imagination leads you. Also if you have pieces that might be a bit longer than the others, you can just trim them off. CONGRATULATIONS you just made your tutu.
A word of caution here; if you use organza which has glitter on it be sure and tie it so that the pretty side shows. My suggestion in using this material and if you do not like a plain knot and want something fancier; cut as directed above. Now when you pick your material up to place on the waistband, fold in half so that you have the glittery side up towards you. To do this you will have a U shape end. I find it easier to fold around my finger. then you just slide the piece under the waistband and with the U shapped end above the band you feed the free ends up thru it and pull tight to form your knot. be sure and crowd the pieces together to form a nice full tutu. If you need a picture let me know I will post a few. There is a name for the knot I described above but I am clueless. I just just know how to do it.