Meet Presley's little sister, Priscilla! Reborn by Marie Gambus

Hey Everyone!

We are excited to announce our newest arrival, Realborn Priscilla! The real Priscilla is the gorgeous little sister of our beloved Realborn® Presley (Presley was our very first Realborn, who has sold out some time ago). Our first Priscilla prototype was beautifully reborn by the talented artist, Marie Gambus. Click here to view her eBay auction: Priscilla’s Auction To be notified when Priscilla is available, click on the link in her item description: Priscilla’s Item, You Know You Want Her! We are really excited to release this beauty, she is another must have!

Have a great Evening!

Bountiful Baby


She is gorgeous! I LOVE her hand s and feet! Marie did an excellent job!

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She is adorable and looks so sweet!!

Oh yes, I want her! She is gorgeous.

I love, I love!!! Will she sell out quickly do you reckon? Will she be restocked? xox
I love their names, as well. I adore the names Presley and Priscilla and I think it’s a pretty cool tribute to the King of Rock :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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I believe open edition. (all the newer realborns have been)

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Ooh excellent thank you!

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@EmilyBB What is her expected date of arrival? I can’t wait!!!

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Love this baby!

Im gonna need to buy her cuz i painted Presley asleep and since i rooted him with black hair i named him Elvis…lol so yeah i think i need Priscilla also!!!

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She is a must have!

Priscilla should be released in late January or February. This is according to stocking page


I think im gonna get her as a custom as i dont paint yet​:heart::heart: so in love with this kit

Hi @jlesser, Priscilla’s expected to be released sometime towards the end of Dec or in Jan 2018. It is possible that it won’t be until Feb, we keep our Out-Of-Stock page here on the forum always updated with the latest information available to us at the moment. :blush:


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@HouseofDolls was the one asking but thank you Emily!