Match me to a kit?

I’ve matched most of my siblings to a kit (all 8 of them! lol) and need help finding myself lol that sounded deep…
Baby me


Do you want only BB kits?

If not I see similarities in this one:


Right off the bat, I thought Kirsten by Sheila Michael. That may be because I was just looking at her in my kit stash today. But the eyes really do remind me of Kirsten.

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@Semantics I’m not buying right now so it can be any kit by anyone.:slight_smile: Larry is a good match in other pics of me he actually looks a lot like me! @lollipop_cradle that is a great suggestion! @kimskids those babies are so cute! How have I never seen them before? Def going on my list of wants…lol

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Maybe Noelle by Addie Stoete?

Ariel Michaels?

My first thought was a Sheila Michaels kit or Donna Lee kit…looks like others had the same thought. That, or a Faber kit. :slight_smile:


Emmaline was the first reborn I ever saw…on Wikipedia, go figure. :slight_smile:

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Oh yes. Ariel is a good match too.

Not sure the name of this kit but I just so happened to have it saved. I was showing a customer kits.

But I think this little one is a great match


This one is perfect.

That’s a Donna Lee kit, they all look similar so can’t remember the name lol.

That’s Nora Anne by Donna Lee
Chung by Sebilla Bos