Magnetic earrings

Is this a thing? A customer just asked me. I dont like earrings on babies so I might say no, but I’m intrigued now. I cant imagine how this would work? I know the magnets would go in the head but I just cant imagine how you would make the earings stay on??

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I think it could work, if there is a magnet inside and on the earring.

It’s possible that the earrings themselves, both front and back piece, are magnets. Not sure how else you could get them to position correctly?

Magnetic earrings are a thing, for real people. They have a back that holds them on the lobe. Not sure how that could be done with reborns, being as the front part is so tiny and you’d need it in a very specific place, and it would have to be very strong…


Thank you for your replies
I think I’m going to tell her I don’t want to do it, it sounds like it could cause me a few headaches :joy: and im busy with another baby anyway

Yeah, I think it could work in theory. But if it’s something you really want to offer, might want to try on a practice head first.

I tried tiny adhesive rinestones, like what you might use for crafts or nails. These are probably fine for photos or display but went missing right away and I had to wipe away the adhesive.

You could remind them that doll ears can be carefully pierced with real earrings.

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