Made in China Bodies-- great just great

So I ordered two of the new made in china bodies and guess what? I have a set of twins going out tomorrow and I didnt thouroughly inspect the bodies beforehand

these are a christmas gift for the cusotmers children. the body is split along the side seam. just freakin great. awesome. well i guess you get what you paid for. now im freakin screwed this is awesome. knew i shouldnt have bought a made in china body fabulous. they were supposed to get sent out this past monday too but here we are 5 days late and now the body is like this.

from bountiful baby! the new cheaper bodies that they said are the same quality. i dont have a needle for my sewing machine and i am not even a good sewer anyhow and i have to send them tomorrow. i have already taken so much time now i need to put my kids to bed and put all my reborning stuff away right now i am so upset. this was 450 this woman paid for all her dolls and now i not even knowing what to do

I havent had any issues with mine! All been great, must have got a bad batch? My mum ordered bodies a while back that were the more expensive ones and 10 of them werent sewn properly so she had to sew them all. Is it just down one side or all over? Mayby you could get a needle and thread and sew it up by hand? if you dont have a needle for your machine that is.

I am so sorry this had to happen to you. I wish i lived by you i would bring you 2 new bodies. Wounder why this was never noticed before B.B. shipped them out.


If I were close enough I would sew them for you by hand. Please do not keep stressing out. It will make you sick!

Hi it was just one of them. i know accidents happen but it was an untimely accident lol. i ended up sewing it back together with needle and thread. it doesnt look as good as it should but i will let my customer know and if they would need some money back i will refund them some. just stinks really bad ya know

thats a great idea linda. i think i fixed it well, but you can see it, but it shouldnt be a problem now but she knows about it so thats good

So sorry this happened to you! No more cheap-o bodies for ME…not after the cable ties broke on the last two I tried. Luckily, I had extra cable ties to use so it was okay. I was sick, just imagining a cable tie breaking when one of my customers was changing her baby or something…yikes…would make me look like a rotten baby maker, for sure.

I bought a cheap China body too. My seam wasn’t sewn & I sent it back! But I had the time to wait. They sent me a new one. I would pay the extra for the better bods next time.

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thats why I worry about the 2ds bodies with the split joints, You know at some point they have to break.

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I agree, Debi. We spend way too much time and energy on these babies to give them inferior bodies. I’m glad we were warned about the split discs.

Although I didn’t buy the bodies that were having split disc problems, I HAVE had the problems with cable ties snapping before I could even pull them together. I ordered a bag of them and just thought they must have been dryrotted or something – maybe the cables had been sitting so long. Anyway, I agree better bodies will be my choice now.

I would have never in a million years thought a cable tie could break. Considering how many things around our house and shop are being secured with them that is quite a revelation. The fact that we use very thin ones doesn’t help but shoot. They had to be a bad quality to start with. I have been buying the new bodies and haven’t had a problem with them but I do believe in the interest of longevity I will from now on spend a few $$ more and get the others. I just hope they are still being made in the good old fashioned, meant to last generations, nothing but the best, way.