Luminaire vs GHSP

Can you use Luminaire air dry paints to color and seal with GHSP matte varnish?
Can the luminaire paints stand up to being baked to seal the GHSP matte varnish?
Can mineral spirts be used to thin the Luminaire paints?

The air dry paints are thinned with water or a water based gel medium-so no on the thinner-and I have heard that you can not bake these as the turn orange when ya do -but I have not tried them so this is all hear say

Thanks Cher. You ARE the MASTER so I will take your word for it.

Someone on DF actually added Genesis matte after painting with Luminaire and then baked the baby, she wanted to take away the shine and i think she was at the breaking point and just didnt care anymore so she went ahead and did it…the results? she said it turned out awesome and knocked out all the shine and the paint was fine
I know LDC if baked will turn orange, ive seen it…so Luminaire is probably slightly different and can take a little heat
Do a test limb of course before anything

Great to hear -please if anyone tests let us know so we can pass on the info !!!

I have never used Luminaire but I have used LDC and Jo Sonjas. LDC will turn orange if baked before it has cured about a month. Jo Sonjas can be baked with Genesis Matte Sealer about 72 hours later or if it has cured past the wet q-tip test.