Luciano Closed Eye Doll Kit by Cassie Ann Brace


Here is the link. There is a demonstration video on the link


Got mine today


Just got home and opened mine. He’s cute but I have to agree, his soft spot is so strange!


Oh my! That is very strange. I don’t think I would want to try it, but I know you more experienced reborners will do a fantastic job with it! Waiting to see when it is done!


I think this is one of the kits that you guys get first because I haven’t heard from Once so Real yet and he’s not listed anywhere showing that he’s in on any of the European stores. Ill have to wait a bit longer but thanks so much for talking about and showing pictures of the kit :slight_smile:


Cassie Brace is in the UK and sells her kits also… I art reborn is her. I will try to link it.
I don’t see her kits on there not sure why…


I already bought him from Once so Real so Im hoping he comes soon!


I started painting mine a few days ago and that “soft spot” looks like she forgot to finish sculpting it? I root, so no worries…


I wonder if some thick medium would help fill in the lines.:thinking:


I am sure it would, but I plan to root the head anyway!


That triangle is just not right. It looks unfinished - I wonder how it got the okay for production like that? Good thing you root!


I actually think that the sculptor has an opportunity to “tweek ” after she sees the sculpt poured to correct any faults. I guess Cassie was anxious to get him up for pre-orders. There are 1600 in the edition!


I haven’t even looked at the top of mine’s head. They are in the box. Since I do painted hair I will have to find some way to fill that crack in. Looks weird. I am hoping this product I have will work: