Ltd. Edition Diapers

So I went to Toys R Us today to look for either some Pampers or Huggies Ltd Edition diapers in newborn or size 1. No Ltd Ed. diapers to be found but then I did see a case of Babies R Us brand blue jean diapers for girls and it was marked clearanced at $14.90 for 96 size 3 diapers. I decided to buy them. They are a bit large/high waisted. They come up to about the nipple area on my 20" Payton sculpt I just finished but will do. I think they are very cute!

I’ve never seen any like that. How cute!

Those are cute and a nice change from the same old diaper.

My neighbor got some for her little boy for the summer. Makes a big difference just because you feel like they are dressed plus they just look so cute! Wish they made them in smaller sizes.

I love those. So Cute! I’ve tried to find them since i started making dolls. You’re lucky they stopped making them and just came out with some Hawaiian print ones for this year.

Yea, I started out looking for the Hawaiian print when I got these. I haven’t found any other ltd. ed. diapers around here yet. I have to go to Big Lots and back to Target to see if either has them.

Mary, others have told me they found them at their Target and some at Big Lots as well which is why I want to check those 2 stores. My Target did not have the Pampers Ltd. Edition diapers but I haven’t been back to look since the Huggies Hawaiian print came out.