Love this one....take a peek!

Not my auction…wish it were! LOVE the hair and skin tones on this little one…sigh…wish I were RICH and this baby would be MINE, all MINE!!! … 3f10e33434

Thanks Karen - she is absolutely breathtaking - I’m with you – wish I could afford her!
I look often too and appreciate the beauty of the artists’ work, as well as to look for new sculpts. I have come across some amazing photos.

Lovely !!! Just beautifuly done !!!

OMG!!! I love it too!!!

Hey! I’ve got a great idea…let’s all pool our money and we can take turns babysitting her…I get her first. How does that sound?

oh…oh…oh…oh my gosh!!! She is perfect. That baby absolutely makes the case for the perfect head of rooted hair.
And she is not overly colored. Just perfectly balanced paint and detail. OH MY GOSH!!!
She is the ultimate little baby look. I agree Karen, if I had the extra $$$ I would so put her on my Christmas list.

Thanks for sharing. I hope she goes really high so I don’t feel so sad about not having her.

this girl is gooooood!!!

Oh my dear Rose! You must be kidding – you don’t need lessons! Your doll baby that shows up with your name is amazing. She is one of the sweetest faces I have seen and the work is seamless! It would be very difficult to say that image is a doll. Makes me want to move to Texas so I can take lessons from you.

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She’s absolutely increadible,will someone please teach me to paint like that huggs Rose

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Rose, your babies are GORGEOUS, all of them!

She’s got a bid! I’m sure this baby will FLY!!!