Love these pics of Emeko!

Took these pictures by the window while visiting my sister in WI. I love how they turned out. They show her true color the best of any of the pics I’ve taken so far. Just wanted to share them.

She’s the only one of my babies that I “play” with. She gets changed almost everyday and usually gets put into “jammies” for the night! Not sure why I feel the need to “play” with this one, but I’m sure it will eventually wear off. Just going to enjoy her for now.

She’s darling - I can see why you would want to ‘play’ with her.

Terri she can come see Grammie Cher if you ever get tired of her !!!LOL She is truly adorable!!!

She is darling!! Those pictures are wonderful : )

DebiC - she has a clear-cap human hair wig that was made in China, so I assume she has actual asian hair.