Long shot, i know but

I know this is a long shot but, does anyone have an extra jar of the genises matte varnish they are willing to sell? I missed out when Dolls by sandy had some :sob:

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Dolls By Sandie is waiting for an order of Genesis supplies, including the matte varnish. If you’re on the notification list, you may be able to get some.

I do not know if this will help you. I don’t use Genesis. I just saw this.

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It is the new formula. As far as I know no reborner has tested it yet. Hopefully it works the same on vinyl.


Thank you.

@jeanhai I was just there site and the varnish doesn’t have the option to buy. :unamused: I am on the list but I haven’t heard anything from them yet.

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I wonder why no other places are selling it already also. :thinking:

They know that reborners are their largest customer group, so I hope they made sure to make it work well on vinyl. Maybe it will work even better. Here’s to hoping. :grin:


Im preying its good, i miss my matte vanish.