Lol, this made me giggle

lol, you know you’re a reborn artist when…you get a package in the mail completely irrelevant to the hobby and your two year old sees it and proclaims “OH! You gotta baby!!!”

That is funny. When I get a package my husband says ok what baby part is it this time?

lol too cute!

You know you’re a reborn artist when…someone shows you a picture of a newborn baby and your first reaction is —Wow, he looks just like a Berenguer baby.

Lol Kim I know or you catch yourself looking at hair lines and swirls even on grown men!

Yeah, sort of creeps my family out when I start looking at their hair and wondering if they need a haircut/harvest! Or checking out blood veins. But it is funny that the two year old has learned babies come in packages…wonder what will happen when he learns that real babies don’t!!!