Little lost elf

i have listed a doll on ebay i started the bidding at 99 cents. just for a change. the first question i got was why did i pierce the ears if i made it a boy. i thought there wasnt a rule to who got their ears pierced anymore as i have seen both. what are your thoughts on this should i answer, hubby says no, bidders know what they are looking for and at 99 cents they can take them out !. thanks for any help … :MESELX:IT

Wow at .99 i would not even ask such a dumb question?

hi im glad you said that i could nt believe the question either so i thought maybe i shouldnt have done that lol marlene

i guess the bidder that looked at it says its a boy i also think it could have been either but i guess i did a no no and pierced his ears . lol


that baby is precious, i see girl or boy and i think the earring looks fine if someone does not like it they can remove it, is that a kmart baby/


i must be going nutty as well no that was a pat moulton baby , not sure why i said berenguer i think age has something to do with it lol. marlene

I like boys with earrings.
This is my crazy man-freak.

I like him just fine. :]

I don’t think you have anthing to worry about. lol

He’s an elf and whimisical for goodness sake!! Can I suggest also putting pictures in the main part of your auction? I saw you have no reserve on there and just want you to get all the interested parties you can!! Do you know how to do it using html? If not I would be glad to share the programming you need…It sounds intimidating but really isn’t! Just a thought.


i am not that good with computer dont know how to do that. any help appreciated thank you marlene

Okay, I’ll share the info here so anyone can use it if they wish!! Ebay charges for pictures BUT if you use HTML yourself then you pay nothing.
I imagine this will end up in tutorials so anyone following this thread but can’t find it here may find it moved to tutorials!

When you are at the page to set up your auction, after putting in the title, and downloading your free photo! you get to the white box that you type the info in!

To add pictures you click on the top tab that says HTML.

Now you are at the programming page!!

Since your not entirely computer savy do the pictures first BEFORE writing anything in your box.

PART 1 html programming for pics.

If you use photobucket you will see the box below the pictures…it has
email code, direct link code, HTML code, and IMG code, This is our reference for your code!

Lets say I want to use picture #100_6700

Here is my code that I will use on ebay:


The first line is to center the picture on the screen.
The next line is ALL one line, it just got truncated here. the code is all in these brackets <>

It says the ‘image source’ is my photobucket,”, is directly from the HTML line under the picture chosen. there is lots of other stuff too but this is the part you will use.

Width is the pictures width and height is the pictures height. (for pictures that are portrait use width=380 and height=530)(for pictures that are landscape use width=650 and height=530), border you can have =0 or =1 (this is just the size of the line around the photo). finally you see

(this means end of code). In part 2 I will tell you how to change these numbers for bigger or smaller pics!

Okay that explains what it looks like! Now how do you use this code for your Pictures?? The easiest way is for you to go to your photobucket and copy the HTML line under a photo ANY photo. Bring it back here and post it OR send it to me pm, makes no difference (people can go into anyones photobucket at any time and view their pictures so showing it here shouldn’t make a difference). Then I will do Part 2 in this thread and show you what YOUR code will look like and how to take it and use it on your ebay auction page!!



thank you for the information. appreciated it very much marlene

Aww, what a cute little elf. I hope he does really well for you.

boy or girl … that baby is a cutie!