Little Ed is home

I was sick yesterday and checked the mail after church tonight and I saw a box in my black box on the porch where our postal delivery guy leaves my packages.
I opened the box and this is what I saw after I removed some bubble wrap I love that stuff!~
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He got a onsie and bottle and 2 diapers and a bottle
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Here he is in the blankie. He has a flower for me and a paci.
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Are you ready? Hubby said he looks like a Little Ed, my daddy’s name is Eddie, so Ed he is. HE is so gorgeous! His little suit. IT does not get any better than this!
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His sweet little face!
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Momma and little Ed
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Thank you Unknown Female

Ty so much!

He is adorable! I love the picture of you two together.

Ty I been sick today with fever again and I have no make up on. I looked at the pic and thought wow you need makeup before you do that again!

He looks perfect to me

I agree - he’s ADORABLE - Little Ed is just who you needed to add to your life!

yes, I had him on my chest cuddling him forever. My husband named him.

Aww! Sweet Little Ed! Snuggle with your new mommy and make her feel better. I know that was a wonderful surprise on a Sunday (when the mail doesn’t run). What sculpt is he from?

Yews it was as to what sculpt heck I have not even thought about it. Tristan I think.

It is Trstan Eagles… . That dress suit is a hoot! Did you make it Teri?

I hope you feel better soon. Nothing like baby cuddles to cheer you up! I’d snuggle one of mine if I could get it off the floor! Guess it is what I deserve for letting everyone go places at once. So give yours extra snuggles for me and maybe we will both feel better!

Ok I will I am so glad you are home and back online.

That little suit is hilarious! What a great surprise, a total score…

i found him the cutest little outfit for him today at the dollar general. Yellow with blue print on the front Chicks dig me. I will try to get a pic today but it is stormy and dark and gloomy.

Awww, he’s a cutie! Congratulations!! : )