Lil Dumplins Reborn Dolly Hospital baby

A local lady contacted me about trying to repair a BB reborn she had purchase from someone else. This doll belongs to her 10 yo daughter. She said the doll came to her reeking of smoke and she had literally soaked the ENTIRE DOLL in soapy baths trying to get the smell out. She had eye damage from where an eyelash came off and she tried to glue it on herself with super glue. So I was to fix the eye but once I saw the doll I knew it needed more than just that.

I took the entire doll apart because all the stuffing had to be tossed, the parts washed and the body and clothing washed to try to get more of that smoke smell out.

Let me say here that if you smoke, PLEASE don’t do so in the house and around your reborning supplies. It just ruins them for those who are bothered by ciggy smells. You might not can smell it but everyone else can and it is horrible!

Anyways, here is what was inside the doll. Not the worst thing I have seen but not up to my standards. It is a good thing I took it apart too because there was wet poly fill and pea shingle where the owner had tried to wash the doll and it all had not dried out. Also the limbs were not sealed, just filled with this gravel and a bit of poly fill on top of that. Not quality work at all. … efore1.jpg … efore4.jpg … efore5.jpg


Here is the little girl’s Sudella now after having been to Lil Dumplins Dolly Hospital!
She has been completely taken apart, washed inside and out as well as her body. She has new poly fill stuffing and glass micro beads. I also inserted some wonder wafers to help make her smell good. She had her blushing and lips enhanced, nails redone, new eyes inserted and lashes. She had already bought her own new eyes and brought them with her. The hair was deep conditioned and trimmed. It is not good quality mohair but it looks better than it did. This body is not made to my liking either as it is very fat in the chest area but it wasn’t in the budget to do anything about it. They requested she be stuffed more firm so she looks a bit robust but with clothes on it isn’t too bad. … della2.jpg … della1.jpg
The lady was elated when she picked her up and she sent me this email on Monday morning:

— Begin quote from ____

Danielle and I did alot of shopping this weekend from Athens to Atlanta and Sudella went with us everywhere. You may have some business coming to you. Everywhere we went, people just had a fit. They thought she was real, she was beautiful, wanted to hold her and girl, they wanted to take her picture. Yes! Crazy! I didn’t tell them where she originally came from. I just told them about you. Gave them your website. My Mom even had a fit. She said she is even more beautiful.

— End quote

I cant believe what i have read of what some stuff and weigh the doll with. I heard CAT LITTER !!!
You did an amazing job

You did a nice job on that poor little baby. I have never heard of anyone using Peashell to weight the babes. I have heard of People using sand and kitty litter. I would be very pissed if I spent alot of money on a doll and saw that it was filled with something of lower quality than what I paid for…And the smoke smell…Yikes

you saved this poor dolly. wow look at what she had in there!

WOW what a differents!!! great job !!! MUCH BETTER NOW!!!

Way to go Angie!!! I’ve done this for several people in the past and it’s disheartening to think of what is being sold and bought by the unsuspecting and worst…what we are competing against. Good for you to have done such a good job and here’s hoping you get lots of work from the walking advertisement that this mother and daughter seem to be!!

(I bought one pair of eyes 2 weeks ago and had to throw the envelope and bubble wrap immediately in my trash outside and wash the eyes because they smelled terribly of smoke. My folks smoked most of my growing up years. When you are in it you can’t smell it BUT for those of us who don’t it is not what we want to purchase.)

Again Good Job…she is beautiful and will be well loved.

Thank you all! It gives one a good feeling to bring a doll to new life like this. It was also a nice opportunity to work on this sculpt that I had never reborn before. I actually like this sculpt a lot better in person than her stock pictures.

Beautiful restoration work Angie!! I have never heard of Peashell, what is it? I guess I can Google it, but it looks nasty. You sure made 2 people very happy!!

Pea Shingle is the decorative little rocks that they pour in walk ways and such. They are small like aquarium gravel so they pack down really well.