Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


I love that blond hair!!! Good job :slight_smile:


@GypsyRoss that is the angle of the camera, a good photographer and excellent painter. Her eyes are not symmetrical. Here is my second baby Shyan


So my brother let me use his professional camera and helped me take some pictures… I think I found a new photographer!


the light reflected in her eyes is not quite right, and the white showing is uneven


Anne i think your doll is lovely I love the out fit too! :blush:, perhaps one of the doll professionals on the forum can help you with this dilemma >>>> :grin: @ludmila~ here’s what I can suggest, as I know nothing about this Kit, excepting that I have always liked it as as a collector~ you might refer to the doll artists on the forum with this about the “Shyann” doll kit…or open a topic on this…I obviously, personally don’t have any clear -cut answers and, of course, I am not qualified to advise you on what to do with this situation you have or anything on this for you~_ just stated " i would be uneasy if with this eye situation myself, and that I didn’t have a clear concept of the actual “kit” being defective in the first place!!! I am just attempting to learn a new art…that’s what I am on the forum to accomplish and get help in doing that, if I am not mistaken, that’s the purpose of the forum. :slight_smile:


Wow, he just looks so real!!
I think his artist did a fantastic job but I don’t suppose it hurts to have a professional photographer…edit…Ok a professional camera, sorry read that wrong the first time LOL… in the family to take pictures of said work :slight_smile:

Also…Im still impatiently waiting for him to go on sale :wink:


Shyann is a lovely kit; we all love her. She has been around for a very long time; she was already available for sometime when I first started about 8 years ago. I have done at least 4 plus, and I also have made one into a mermaid for my collection. I do not wish to open new topic; the problem has been discussed here over the years many times. Every now and then we get here somebody asking for help because they have problem setting her eyes. The only reason I have replied here is because you brought it up.


Ok. :slight_smile:


he is so adorable!!! Are you selling him??? I want him!!!


@GypsyRoss We were just trying to explain that Shyann has a weird shaped face (eyes). I was trying to explain that when people take a pictures it can make her eyes look like they are straight when they are not. Not that you were the photographer or that you painted that baby.you posted. No harm done. Hope you understand now. We are all friends here. Hope you are doing well on your first baby, can’t wait to see.


Anne, thank you. I wouldn’t have answered this until morning but my computer was open and it has given me 3 notifications, 2 for email and 1 for BB. I am up with a migraine and charging my phone on the computer…or, believe me it wouldn’t be open because the light is to bright right now. Anyway, thank you for explaining…I am not one to linger on things like this. Since all this was posted, it seems I’ve lived a lifetime. LOL! Daily life is a struggle, to say the least. I am not complaining, this is just a fact I contend with as I am dealing with an incurable disease that overwhelms me literally and has changed my life…along with several other fairly serious health issues… I really don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff :slight_smile: I really look forward to working with all of you on the forum, no worries, I am cool with everything. Again thanks, thanks to @ludmila Ludmila as well, I believe everyone is sincere and helpful on this forum and just looking to be of help and, it is my short experience, this is an excellent group of Ladies, I am going to greatly enjoy for a very long time! Again Thank you! :blush:


Working on Clyde Asleep.


Beautiful Simone~the hair is fantastic! :smiley:


He’s adorable :blush:


Thank you - I’m working on my technique.


Meg, my 4th baby,

almost ready for hair, but I’m struggling with her hands


I love his hair



I think your Meg looks great…


Thank you, I think I’m getting better, still not perfect. I only wish I could get her hands looking good too but I think I’m going to have to accept I’m not at that level yet :blush:


Getting closer… one layer at a time… lol
Kameko is for my soon to be 8 yr old.
Felix is a Little Hearts of Hope kit from Macphersons and should be the next one done.