Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


thank you so much!! <3


It’s just a doll head put on a body with cloth arms and legs.
It’s weighted like a regular reborn.




Not a favorite of mine no matter who paints it lol but you have done a good job on her or him .


Thank you ! I love challenges :grin: I kindda like her now :open_mouth:


Oh wow! I have her…scared to do her …Ha! Your’s is absolutely Stunning!


LOVE! Beautiful work!


Very Nice work!


Thank you very much.


I don’t know what I’m doing…how does that work? :rofl:


Thank you, @GypsyRoss. Looking forward to seeing what you are working on as well. :blush:


Well, Etsy was a real “experience” the last two days…now I’m back to sniffling and insomnia and WIP !

Shylynn Sleeping Laila


Beautiful babies!!!


Those babies are beautiful !


Prismacolor drawn hair on Angel. Do I root on top or not ? She is looking like a boy to me but she have a girl torso…

Colors are off …

And wip on my kitty cat


Thank you sa much Chris! :blush:


Thanks so much Bellybutton! :blush:


I love your doll you are rooting as a cat oh man!!! :star_struck:


try again my post eneded up in the wrong place when my laptop did some weird jump.
still have Joseph’s crown and top of his head to finish micro rooting and then his lashes.


Gannett! Quick photos from my work desk and lamp (not bad lol)