Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Oh my Gosh!..he is so adorable! Even with desk light, he is amazing.


I knew you would make that kit adorable! :heart:



Great version!


thank you :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t root on top but then I don’t care for combi hair. I think your painting looks great.


That tutu skirt/knit outfit!!! :heart_eyes: Precious! Both babies are gorgeous! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Been trying to strip the paint of off these lips. I didn’t like the color.
Whomever said that air dry doesn’t stick as well is a liar. I’ve been scrubbing for ages with all kinds of things and it’s barely coming off.


Right! That’s what I’m saying!! My go to for when nothing else works is pure acetone.


I don’t have any right now, I should stock up! I’ve used Windsor and Newton, a magic eraser and alcohol. Making a little progress, but not much, haha.


Out of desperation, I tried Windsor and Newton. It didn’t really work. 90% alcohol worked a bit better, but ultimately it was acetone that got it done. Definitely stock up on that!


Right now they just look like my son’s when they are chapped. Extremely realistic. Just add a little rash along the bottom of lips to make it look like she’s been licking her lips, and you’re good to go. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here. Little lip licker. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Finally got this little girl drying

I had a little problem with the one eye lid. When I tried to glue the lashes they started sticking to the glue brush and pulling out and it took a small chunk out of her eyelid. Luckily this one is for my daughter. :cry:


Tibby Twins: One was a regular kit and one was a second, you can really tell the difference on these two, it looks almost like two different dolls. The second kit also had a lot of scratches, usually I can’t tell the difference between full quality and seconds. I am not complaining, because seconds… and - - - I think the seconds kit actually has the better face! :star_struck:

This is just the veining and under blushing?-whatever it’s called- done so far:


Even with acetone you sometimes get the reds left behind. I use air dry as well and I wash my kits with dish soap and a soft brush before varnishing, to remove fuzzies…if the paint dried overnight none comes off. I use Golden, its good stuff!


Haha, oh my goodness. :rofl:


Just finished this tiny mermaid. It’s a Christmas present for my daughter. Her tail is really shimmery but it’s kind of hard to see in pictures.


Assembled this guy today :wink: made with the realborn Alexa kit


He’s sweet Jenni!! I love his little flannel shirt, cute!