Let's Show our Work, or WIP!



Thank you!! He is tuff, and I’m pretty happy with how she came out. :blush:


This little guy is so cute!! Which sculpt is he??


thank you! Dominic Asleep


My 4th giant Joseph and 10th Landon.


Beautiful baby!


I love Landon, and I love the little outfit!!


Thank you, @Mommarobin. :blush:


@DollyPardon They are both beautiful…I love the little antlers. I adore all of your babies and you always dress them up so cute!!


Thank you, @Lil! Dressing them is one of my favorite parts of this process. I am definitely obsessed with baby clothes and shop for them wherever I go. :blush:


Every time my 16 year old son goes shopping with me he always says “NO baby clothes” as Im heading to the baby section :wink: . I mostly shop online but they have some shops here that are really good still I like to look what they have when I’m out shopping for groceries as well. Most of the grocery stores here also have clothes and toys, etc…a bit like Walmart or Target…I miss Target :frowning: :wink:


Finishing these cuties…


She is jaw dropping! Wow, she is on my bucket list! I like the girl version more as a rule


Oh my goodness what a beautiful pile of sweeties!


Thank you so much!


me daughter does the same! LOL

“walk on by, Mom!”


My Jaycee.


That face though! :heart_eyes:


He’s adorable!


Such a cutie!