Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Finally!! FINALLY finished rooting this head. I think I’ve been rooting this doll off and on for about 2 weeks (I can’t root thinly for the life of me!! :sob:) Now back to hair painting for a while!!


That’s a great head of hair, what type and color? Did you spray it with anything to get thatcwonderful shine?


looks awesome!


Thank you! This mohair is from Silk Effex and it’s Fine Adult. The color is black and I always style with a bit of watered down conditioner or watered down curly product (when using curly mohair). This hair is some of the best mohair that I’ve rooted.


Thanks. They finally have some for sale and its only curly. The rest is alpaca. I will keep watching. Your hair is gorgeous.


Thank you :heart: this is the hair. It has a wave/slight curl to it but it did root a bit more straight :slight_smile:


@DollyPardon Wow, your Landon didn’t last long!!! Understandable! And I love that Joseph!!!

@DollyPardon what body did you use for Joseph?


Darn it! That looks just like the batch they had which is now gone.:cry:
I will definitely be watching.


@specialmoments I love that you don’t root sparse. Your rooted hair is the best!


She typically post new hair Fridays at 3:00 pm EST!


Thanks .


Her hair is beautiful and always sells out of what I am looking for.


What an amazing rooting job, I love it !!!


Thank you, @Simone! On Joseph I use a custom body from @RoseannsBoutique. To me that size body is a better match than the recommended one and ups the clothing size I think. That dress is 12 months.


What kit are they, love it x


Looks like Kimberly.

(I checked previous posts, it is Kimberly!)


just adorable babies <3


Almost ready to root this little one



just finished micro rooting Mireya