Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


I love that u take personalized pics with them gives the babies so much life. Ur work shows the love u put into them. Ur talented!!


My Ethon so far


Here is the Allie my friends daughter made. I did the veins and the eyebrows/eyelashes. She is absolutely in love with her baby!


Macey and Miya received eyebrows today, so glad that step is done.


WIP Madison. She is cuddle baby


Hes so cute, he looks great so far. I cant wait to start on mine…I have too many kits that I want to paint and I just bought Chase Brown. They need to stop coming out with such cute kits so I can catch up LOL


Thanks! he is a fun little guy and yes far too many cute kits and a lot less dolly money than needed lol


So adorable.


Thank you!


I’m in the process of rooting my Liam brown. Not much to see yet, I’m about halfway up the back of her head. Rooting human hair is rough lol Now that I got the hang of it, it isn’t terrible but it’s different for sure. This is the last photo I have of her before I started rooting


Wip first alternative.


The ears blend well to the vinyl, good job! What did you use?


Super sculpey. The edges show but I think with some rooted hair you wont even notice.


She did a great job !!


Love those ears - great job - and with alil rooting I don’t think you will notice -it is barely noticeable now :heart_eyes:


I finished my Realborn Quinn. She’s for sale at https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m77144777293/ if you’re interested :slight_smile:


WIP, my first Tristen by Jannie de Lange, will be a big boy


Asher elf done minus hair :grin:


Joesph n Landon