Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


OMG, how adorable!


Your baby is too sweet for words. Love the blushing on the cheeks.


WOW!!! Everyone is making and has made Such Amazing Babies!! <3


Crystal by Donna Rubert! All ready to go home :blush:


So sweet, I love her chubby cheeks. too cute.


I absolutely LOVE this Crystal! One of the cutest I’ve seen.


Looks so real wonderful work. May I ask how you achieved this amazing realistic skin texture…


Thank you :blush: I used a plucked cosmetics wedge. I mixed a light flesh (I believe 6) with a bit of thinning medium. You want to roll the sponge across the area instead of pouncing I found. I did a few layers.


Thank you so much :heart_eyes: I am working up my courage to paint my first AA baby. I do not want to start until I feel I can Really do it justice!


Night time, indoor, with flash.
Still needs shading and creasing on limbs


aca mi ultimo. clyde despierto como niña


Ella es Linda. Muy buen trabajo.


Trying hard to micro-mono root kid blond mohair…
Almost 15h and not even the half done!


It was a busy week, but finally I’m back to reborning. I was neglecting this little guys :slightly_frowning_face:

I hope to start rooting Liam this week.


I love your tones on your babies so much!!


Thanks. That means so much to me. I love your babies.


That one baby has some really big ears good thing he is so cute :smile:


@Bellybutton ---- better you than me!!!


BTW that looks AMAZING.


I know :laughing: that’s why I’m rooting him curly hair.


my poor little 3rd kid had sticky out ears and no hair :wink: lol