Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


My brother had big ears like Liam when he was little, but his head grew to fit them. :blush:


The quedo Linda.


Thank you ! :no_mouth:


Sauska 's head is so big! They look amazing.


Another wip of Martha Grace:


Still a long way to go (only about half done), but I’m loving this little one so far!


Little violet is in the works. Several layers done several to go. I used many sponges for her mottling today. I think I like it. She needs creasing starting tomorrow among a ton of other things lol


I’m finishing Liam. I love the support of the amateur. He is so cute. I thought I was never going to finish him. Now I just have to root the hair <<a few more weeks before I’m done😣>>


Beautiful! Do you know he fits in a nuwave oven? If you use GHSP


Can’t seem to get tired of this kit. :slight_smile:


This is one I’m doing for a friend. What does it need?


I think you have some fuzzies on her face, @neises_nursery. I’d get those off before doing anything else. Shes looking good so far otherwise. Probably needs shading and a bit of blushing.


Thanks. And Yes! I painted him with GSHP.


Do you paint with flesh tones?


Yes, but I miss around colors a lot.


I was trying to remember what I use for this big guy. I think I used flesh #6 mix with ethnic brows :blush: then many washes, shadows and molting


Liam is getting hair. Can’t wait to finish this big guy


I’m expecting again :blush: hope for an easy fast delivery newly washed and sealed Should be a gas going by the sculpts name lol.


Working on these two toddlers at the moment, and Tink has just arrived in the nursery today.


Beautiful! I love this kit as well !