Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Oh oh I see. She did such a nice job. Such a cute face and plenty of canvas to work with, with them fluffy cheeks


She is gorgeous!


Wip. I thought I’d show what I have so far. Will be painting more details in her hair.


Wow that means so much to me!! Thank you you are so kind!!


Great Job! Beautiful baby and photos.


Just finished and he is starting his journey home!


Recently finished Shyann.


Recently finished these two ~ Summer Rain and Logan; both have been adopted :heart:


Working on my second Mouse. I kept the last one. Lol. If you have done this baby, I highly recommend it.


Wow love it. I will try painted hair next. Is it more tedious than rooting or faster u think?


So cute. I love the details in your work. Look like he or she will be a stunner when done


Aww there so pretty… your photos are so clear something I have to work more on. It’s so nice to see everyone’s work


Think I’ll make this kit for my niece she wanted a crying baby I can paint this kit and add tears… a Fussy one!..Lol nice job.


Working on this mama. I’m painting hair now


She’s adorable. Shyann is such a pretty face


Those brows are perfectly placed!


Oh she is precious. So cute. Are u using air dry or Genesis paints?


Thank you! I use Genesis. I worked with some satin medium and look alive. :+1:t2:


Oh that’s the beauty of your shine. Nice job!


What is look alive?