Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Where did you get his blonde hair?:heart_eyes:


Finishing touches on Saskia number 4


She is sooo beautiful! Love her lovely long locks!


Dominic born 3/21 4lbs. 3oz.


Where do you bake those big babies? Do you use air dry paints? Beautiful!


She’s Beautiful!! I need to break down and get this kit! <3


That is an amazing rooting job! Beautiful!




Jennie in the making. Had to dress her up to see how she looks!


Thank you :blush:!


She’s super cute with that long wild hair!!


So sweet!


Well, I have a custom “big Joe”to make. Eek!


she’s so cute! :heart_eyes:


I started rooting George (Landon)


@kells I admire you for learning to root. I just got him and his had is BIG, so kudos to you!
It would be interesting to compare his pictures with painted hair that you had before and with rooted hair after.


You are doing great! You are really growing in your skills!


My next two customs are big Joe sleeping, and Andreas ( jannie de Lange)


Finished gracie!


Trying prisma hair for the first time.