Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2



Should they be lighter?


Priscilla is growing some more hair :slight_smile:


She is already looking great!


Nice brows, maybe dark but are you doing dark hair and lashes? Maybe it’ll blend.


This my realborn Marissa asleep WIP rooting. She will be on sell on Ebay:


Progress on Olivia. To me she looks done and I’m happy with her, but I’m open to opinions and suggestions if any of you think she’s missing something. She’ll be getting rooted hair and lashes in a ginger shade when she’s cured and varnished in a couple of weeks. I’m leaving brows until then too. Pictures taken in overcast daylight with my phone.


I would do a bit more creasing…she’s looking great, though!


Look at this swirl, y’all! Finally a good one :slight_smile:


First time I’m not totally pleased with my mohair. It was supposed to be light brown, but there’s so many shades of colours…and very purplish.


Thank you! Creases are definitely something I need to keep working at. I get paranoid that I’ll over do them, so I end up going too light on them. :heart:


Maddy by Jannie de Lange, first pics

and custom order Vivian Leigh, going home to Mommy


theyre both beautiful!


Those curls are amazing! Love your Vivian :heart_eyes:


thank you <3


thank you <3


I am attempting to make a bitty mohawk. We’ll see how it goes :thinking:


Looks good! I’ve been looking for different rooting maps


Is that Rosa?! :heart_eyes:


Yes! Little Rosa is finally getting some hair :slight_smile:


I drew a pattern like this going into the swirl. It seems to be working inasmuch as the hair is swooshing into the middle and sticking up a bit. I haven’t figured out what to do about the crown yet. It’s a work in progress for sure!