Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Anytime! Those are tack sponges I bought from @JillianJade, she has an Etsy shop.


That is Presley awake.




she’s so cute, I love her!


Thank you! I think I should set her aside now and finish my custom first lol. I have her brows on and she is now varnished. ( always a great feeling!)


Thank you! And yes, as @jlesser said, this one is Presley awake. :wink:




I just finished rooting my Salia and she is the last of my customs until Eloise comes in :slight_smile:


Oh, shows I no my reborns :joy:. They kind of resemble one another.


Oooh a little free time for you :grin::wink:


Lol. I get sculpts confused a lot. :wink:


Here’s Dominic!


What a cute baby!


Thank you!


Very cute! He would look more realistic if not sitting up though :wink: If you are listing him try doing pics of him laying like a sleeping baby really would


Thank you! Will take your advice on that. Not sure if listing and if I did I wouldn’t even know what to list for.


Am I the only one that already has an outfit picked out before I start painting the doll? Don’t know which is more fun, buying clothes or painting!


Oh I love this baby!! So cute!!!


Thank you! He’s a fun one to paint!


Who is that?