Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2




Great job! I love him.


Finally finished my little steampunk! She’ll get a full photo shoot and be listed the weekend (hopefully)


She is amazing!


You just made me put Reese as my next one to buy!!! Love how you did him!!!


Oh wow!!


Oh wow wow wow! She is absolutely gorgeous you have done a wonderful job! Her eyes are amazing. I love the octo design, very original! He clothing is absolutely perfect!


This is the most creative that I ever saw with this sculpt! Great job!


Definitely buying the clothes!


She’s awesome!
I love the dress and all the accessories. Is that a Harry Potter necklace on her hat?


She is stunning !


She’s adorable!! I love all of her matching details and accessories! Her goggles are my favorite!


I’m not sure about the necklace, it came with the hat lol. I got it from Wish.


Little Aspen (Skya), wanted to wish everyone a good morning, especially her new mommy @BabyGizmo. She got her first haircut, magnet for her paci, and lashes rooted in last night.
She is anxiously waiting to have her body put on, but her maker mommy ordered the wrong one and is waiting for her new one to come in! Praying it comes in today! For some reason the mail has been running slow lately.
But I am enjoying my time with her while I have her because I love this little baby so much. I now know what they mean by bonding with a kit. If it weren’t for the very special person her new mommy is and how much I know she will be loved and appreciated, there is no way I could let her go. Lol.
I am going to have a huge problem with selling my babies. I honestly fall in love with every one I make and every one I see here. I just love babies so much! What an amazing and fulfilling hobby reborning is! :heart:


she is gorgeous!


@Kate they are beautiful!! :heart:


Ugh I can’t get over how beautiful she is!


Beautiful! :heart:


Thank you!


That’s funny. It looks just like my Harry Potter necklace. Maybe they had some left over, haha.