Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Thank you!


Wow!!! Gorgeous!!! :heart_eyes:


You are doing a terrific job on her too, she is looking adorable


She looks beautiful!


Thank you, everyone! I’m so happy y’all think she’s cute too. I worked REALLY hard on her trying to do better than my first, second and third. (Second and third are still incomplete lol). Every kit I learn more and more! :blush:


Very nice! She’s beautiful. Can’t wait to see her all put together


Great work Tessa! :blush:


What beautiful little feeties :slight_smile:


great job, she has a really nice skin tone :slight_smile:


My Sweetpea asleep, now named Natasha. This is after stripping her and restarting. Eventually she’s going to be a redhead.



She is gorgeous!! If I hadn’t read your comment about what # she was for you, I would have thought this came from a very experienced artist! I am in love!! :heart_eyes:


Off to a great start!


Your Skya is beautiful!


Thank you!


Thank you!


She’s cute! Can’t wait to see her with her red hair!


These 2 are finished and listed. Twin B sold last night though. I have Presley awake that I will assemble today and Kai is currently getting painted.


I love your babies @Kate!


Thank you! That is very sweet! :hearts: