Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Your Ashely, is just adorable !!


She’s real burn Ashley asleep.


Oh my gosh! So cute! All of them! I love Noel! Are they customs?


No, they are babies that I will take to the ROSE doll show in July. I have a booth :slight_smile:

And thank you :heart:


Noel is speaking to me. Lol. I need to hurry and sell some babies so I can maybe buy him lol.


Her colouring is so nice and newborn!!




Sooo cute!!


Rooting Maia


Getting started on these sweet little twins


Very nice, he’s looking very alive!!


Looking really good!!


Getting close to hair time…I love this kit…


Here is my custom Flynn…he will have white mixed with blonde hair just like my last Saskia, and green eyes. I just don’t know why he doesn’t look anywhere near as good in pictures, even with the lights, as he does in real life. Maybe after his hair and eyes.
Also a little before pics of the twins, they got their sealer today and are all ready for me to paint. Im hoping they can console me over the inability to paint my Tobiah for the moment due to a hole in the finger.


Oh wow, he’s adorable, great job!


thank you :slight_smile:


Baby Trey is almost ready for hair (couldn’t resist checking it out) Still need to varnish.


After we walk the doggies we check the mail…YAY, his eyes were in the mail box :blush:


newest custom order, Elora by Jannie de Lange TWINS, going home with Easter outfits, their Mommy picked


Where do you buy your adorable clothes? And great work!