Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Thanks! She’s gonna have auburn hair and green eyes


Please share when she is done, I am excited to see her all finished!


Beautiful Shyann!! I LOVE her lip color :heart_eyes:!!


I used paint and thinner (mixed really thick) for the first few layers (maybe 3-4?) and then paint mixed with thinning medium and glazing gel for the last paint layer. Then I added a layer of prisma pencil for the last layer.


Have quite a bit to go but this is my third? Zuri. I can’t remember lol


My current WIP is a logo! I am planning to start my next baby tomorrow. Going to try some drawn/pencil hair since I somehow managed to give myself tennis elbow by rooting two heads back to back :confused:


I love this version the best wow!


I ended up doing the same with my Sarah, @Kate. Which sucked because her face was adorable.

She sold for me really quickly to an awesome lady, and from that one lady, I have gotten SO much business. I sold dolls to all of her friends and half of her relatives and get repeat orders from them frequently. So I love Sarah now. She started all of this. :grin: Hope your problem child does amazing things for you. :blush:


Thank you! That’s really encouraging to hear. Hopefully I have the same luck with mine.


Got the yellow toned down


Looking great!




Did a little blond prisma on Jennie- not sure if I will combo root or do the whole head


I’m working on Darren - kit is painting itself…


Almost done with this one, a custom. Landon #14 was finished and sold yesterday.


April is finally finished and I am finishing a baby I started four years ago and set aside because I got busy and just never had time. I don’t know why others kept cutting in front of her :laughing:


I love your girl Landon and her outfit is so pretty!


Such nice babies!
@ZeldaDawn I love the texture on your baby!


She’s adorable. I’m just beginning to paint her skin layers. She’s got such a large head to root lol. Your prisma looks beautiful to cover. Maybe just combo but I would leave her :slight_smile:


Wow 14?!! That’s wonderful! Beautiful babies!