Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Landon is gorgeous!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
WHere do you find all of your cute little dresses?


What a gorgeous hunk of baby!! He’s adorable!!


Yes, please show your Trey when you are finished. Trey is the one sculpt I saw on Ebay and could not take my eyes off him. His bid went too high for me but I never forgot him. He is what eventually got me to making reborns.


Thank you, @jennyk. April was kind of darker orange. I love what you did with her skin tone. They are both beautiful.

And yes, @Vanniek. 14 times I have painted this baby. I should be sick of painting him by now, but I’m not. :grin:

Thank you, @Estelle85. This one was from baby gap. The truth is that I get them from everywhere. Every single place I go, I run straight to the baby section and hoard whatever is cute. Then in my spare time, I’m online looking at clothes. The less my youngest daughter lets me style her, the more I do this. I have issues. :smile:


Thank you!


Thank you! Sometimes what is in my head is not exactly what I end up with, but I did get what I had in mind for April.


Hahah me too! I go to target and places and forget what I went for!!! Straight to the baby section!


Lol!! Thank you!!


finally got her eyebrows down after wiping them off and painting them on a million times. one thing I hate painting the most is eyebrows. tomorrow I’ll start rooting her hair.


Your Landon is gorgeous!


I love your April, she looks so new!


Your brows look great!!


Thank you so much!


looks great! I am doing Uriels eyebrows today–hope they look as good!


Working on Emmy now, about halfway done!! She will have freckles all over and curly red hair. I was hoping to get her finished before I leave for surgery on the 19th but I don’t think it’s going to happen, unfortunately, so she may not be done until March/April.


good luck with your surgery!


She’s looking good. Praying for a quick recovery from your surgery.


Looks so natural! :heart:


One of my favorite Emmys so far! Good luck with your surgery


She’s a cutie!