Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2




He’s gorgeous :blue_heart:


2nd Version of April


The back of Sadie’s head. Ready to be out of rooting limbo.


Finally finished rooting cuties head. Waiting for the glue to dry so I can cut n style it.




Gorgeous baby!!





She is beautiful!!


Sweet little thing!


Thank you :heart:


So beautiful! What is this babies kit name?


I was trying to set my Tinky’s eyes, and now I have super glue on the eyeball! Aaargh!

One eye is looking up (which I wanted) but the other wouldn’t. I was trying to glue it to stay looking up. Now I can’t even get the eye OUT to replace it. Help!!


What size do you use? She should have 26 mm and they don’t need to be glued as they fit SO tight and don’t move at all.


Carefully use your exacto knife to cut the glue to get the eye out


I thought I used 26. I cut the back flap and inserted that way.

In any event, if I do manage to get these OUT I have another pair coming in the mail.


First Version of Luv Buggie by Laura Tuzio Ross. Can’t wait to get more photos of her together.

Couldn’t decide which to share.


Wow Cierra!! I don’t know how you keep outdoing yourself…but you’ve made it possible LOL She’s gorgeous!