Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Thank :blush:you is lavender


My sweet little Salia!! I just adore this little itty bitty


She is soooo adorable!


@Vanniek Indeed very sweet! And perfect outfit for her, Tessa! @Tessa


Thank you! :blush:


Just beautiful!


Isn’t she precious in that dress and bonnet!? I just love it Tessa!


Thank you!! I can’t help but want one for me lol


Thank you!! I want to keep her so much lol


She makes the most adorable clothes. :heart:


Oh my word! She’s darling!!!


@specialmoments WOW!



Such an expensive kit! Wow!


She came out beautiful! :heart:


What a cutie!!


She is. And I’m not that fond of her. Donother toddlers stand like her? She looks like she’s standing.


I dont do toddlers (or small children… ) but wanted to mention that Macphersons does do the layaway… with 3 payments…

So her being $180, you would pay $60 first, then $60 a month later, and $60 a month after that… makes it more reasonable.


Yeah, I dont want her. I had a customer ask about me doing that kit. When I told her the price of the kit alone…she declined :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!! I just finished this little girl hair cutting last night. She is the realborn Marissa kit by BB (Bountiful Baby). Is was a dream to paint and root this kit. I’m surprised that Bountiful Baby use these cute adorable real babies to produce these realborn kits. Real Marissa looks so cute when I her pictures. But here her rooted hair​:blush::grinning: Oh, forget to mention, she will be on Ebay soon if any are interested!:blush::wink:


Here’s real Marissa pictures if anyone hasn’t seen her