Kovu is TINY!

Wow. I’ve been waiting for this kit for a while and she arrived today. She is tiny!! I was expecting a small newborn but she is so little. She fits in carters up to 5lbs clothing! But beautifully detailed none the less. Love this face!


She is sweet- I thought about her, but never pre-ordered. Would you say she is the size of BB’s Teagan?

This kit is so cute, though to be honest I wish I could buy the belly plate by itself because I’d really like it for my Levi kit!

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I’ll post a picture but the belly would be way too tiny for Levi!

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Maybe… I’ll check. Maybe limbs about the same but smaller head. Her head is really tiny!

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You think so? Levi is 17" and wears Carters Preemie

I didnt know the kit was in yet. I asked Dolls so Real the other day and they had not gotten theirs yet.

@RebeccaKatie, Thanks for posting the picture! My Kovu is coming and I just love it when they are tiny!

@ATrinket, Rebecca said he fits Carter’s up to 5 pounds clothes, that is the micropreemie line that is smaller than their preemie line of clothes. I love your idea of using it for Levi, but it probably would be too small:(

I wish someone would sculpt an unlimited edition umbilical stump to purchase on it’s own, or an unlimited edition belly plate like this that has the umbilical stump attached.

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Ah I see that now, I love the idea of a belly plate with umbilical stump attached, especially for a tiny kit like Levi.
I have a belly plate coming today that I’m going to sculpt a stump for, but I wish I could just buy one ready to paint! Maybe I should sculpt a plate myself and find someone to produce it for me! I could do several sizes even.

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Levi is 17" with bent legs. He’d be 21" if his legs were straight, so he’s a lot bigger.

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My Levi fits in carters newborn quite well and he is much larger!
Here is Kovu’s belly on my Levi. Not a great picture but I think it’s probably too small. It’s confusing because both are listed as 17 inch kits but they are hugely different.


I can’t wait to see how she turns out! So cute! I love small babies!

I can’t wait to receive mine ! But I will have to wait a lot as UPS take 2 weeks now…and I am in Canada !

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I don’t like the clothing to be too baggy so I like how he looks in Carters Preemie stuff, but he doesn’t fit well in all the preemie brands I know, I have a few preemie sleepers from other brands that don’t fit at all.
I have a bunch of newborn stuff that looks stupidly big on him but I also have a few really small newborn things that look pretty good. I wish clothing brand sizing were a little more universal(and that women’s clothing had pockets… why does baby clothing have pockets but not women’s??? WHAT DO NEWBORNS NEED POCKETS FOR?!?)
Shame the plate’s too small, though it doesn’t really matter since we can’t buy them separately anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you! The face is so adorable- I look forward to seeing how you and all those that got the kit paint her.

Ooooh another one for my wish list!

Oh I so totally agree with you !:joy:

I wonder if he is the same size as miles. This a carters preemie and fits him perfectly

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I’m having the same trouble too. I have a Mason preemie and it’s so hard to find clothes for him!

Do you or anyone else have any suggestions for preemie clothes? (I’ve been buying the Carters stuff too, but I’d like some variation in his wardrobe. :smile:)


I have bought preemie clothes from all of the below links. I’d love to know if there are other places too!